The Washer Fan is the only guaranteed, permanent solution for washer odor! "Smelly Washer Syndrome™" – odor in your washer and clean clothes is caused by mold in the hidden, low-lying areas of your washing machine. Several factors contribute to the odor. Adding too much detergent for each load of wash, and using liquid fabric softener both create a breeding ground for mold. Using the washing machine’s cleaning cycle won’t eliminate the odor because the cleaning agents, either pre-packaged cleaners or liquid bleach, come into contact with the odor-causing mold for only a few seconds. The time and resources spent “cleaning” the washer temporarily masks the odor, which reappears within days. Cleaning a washing machine effectively involves much more than bleach or washer cleaners and a cleaning cycle. It requires disassembling the machine to remove and either scrub or replace the internal drain hose, which can be solid black with mold – a time-consuming exercise that is still only temporary, as the mold will build up and begin to smell again.

Why does the mold return? A design limitation in all front and top load washers allows water that should drain completely from the machine to accumulate in the bottom of the drum and the internal drain hose, creating excess humidity. Excessive humidity, too much detergent, and using liquid fabric softener cause mold and odor.

Washer Fan is the solution! The Washer Fan continuously circulates dry air from outside the washer through the interior of the machine, which reduces the excessive relative humidity caused by the accumulated water. Installing the Washer Fan, using less detergent, and eliminating liquid fabric softener will rid your washer and laundry of all odor! The Washer Fan has a 100% success rate when used in accordance with our Use & Care Instructions.
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