The world’s first & only “True Fix”  for washer odor!™
The Washer Fan™ is the world's first & only "True Fix" for washer odor!™  The odor, referred to as "Smelly Washer Syndrome™" in your washer and clean clothes, is caused by mold in the internal drain hose of your washing machine. There are several factors contributing to the odor in your washer and laundry.  Adding too much detergent for each load of wash and the use of liquid fabric softener creates a breeding ground for mold.  Additionally, there is a constant standing water design flaw in the bottom of the drum and internal drain hose on all front and top load washers that creates excessive high relative humidity.  The Washer Fan continuously circulates outside dry air which reduces the high relative humidity caused by the standing water in your washer.  The Washer Fan has a 100% success rate when used in accordance with our Use & Care Instructions.   Don’t buy a new washer!  All washers, HE front or top load, or traditional front or top load, have the standing water design flaw. 7 steps that will stop your washer’s odor and mold problem from getting worse. •   Never use more than 1-2 tablespoons of liquid HE detergent in your HE washer •   Never use more than 4-6 tablespoons of liquid detergent in a regular top-load washer •   Never use liquid fabric softener •   Use dryer sheets in dryer •   When possible, wash in warm or hot water •   Keep washer door open between uses •   Maintain laundry room relative humidity below 50% These steps will not eliminate the odor or mold issues in your washer but they will stop them from getting worse.  To help reduce washer odor and mold, continue following these steps and install the Washer Fan.  The Washer Fan is the world's first & only "True Fix" for washer odor!  Order your Washer Fan today! 

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